A “modern” family

It is the story of a family covering over half a century, rich in values, beliefs and courage, which has been able to get on the modernisation train. Growth and development are founded on the experience of wise men, the desire of the younger generation, expertise and vast knowledge of the sector.

Experience consolidated over the years

from making the most of time to scrupulous attention paid to the search for new and faster technologies, as well as a means of improving the service. This is how, during the 1980s, after gaining in-depth knowledge in the sector, the business was expanded to the logistics chain. No longer just transport, but also storage, handling and distribution of goods. A strategic evolution that has allowed us to acquire and retain important customers locally, many of whom have continued over time and are still going strong.

Today’s corporate structure enables Magis to be seen as a reliable partner in supply chain management. Competence, quality of service and technology are the distinctive elements of the company and its brands, including Alvi Food – each specialized by type of product, whose service is developed within its own warehouses (located within a radius of 30 km from Milan) or structured “at the customer’s home” as an external, highly personalized service.

Magis, together with its main brand Alvi Food, is involved in the management and handling of durable goods in general and food products, including those requiring special storage conditions and those subject to specific regulations. Inside the storage areas, modern ventilation and refrigeration systems constantly monitor ambient temperature, ensuring a temperature range between 14°C and 18ºC.

We pay special attention to people, those who have joined our organisation and share our values, creating a resource, a real family we are proud of.

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