Our work is based on precise commitments that contribute daily to boosting our clients’ strategies with added value. We protect, organise and move large quantities of products while guaranteeing efficiency and qualityof serviceand safeguarding theenvironment in which we operate.

Besides integrated logistics services, at our warehouses we provide other services that are fundamental to our customers’ business, simplifying their product preparation processes and ensuring a complete, functional and highly productive service. Thanks to our hard-working staff and the experience we have gained over time, we support companies with co-packing and repackaging.

Our operators are able to carry out assembly, packaging, labelling and wrapping of food products and articles for the retail trade. It is a turnkey service through which we accommodate the wishes and requests – even the most demanding – of our clients, ensuring that they achieve their goals on time and within their budget. This service is also carried out thanks to state-of-the-art technological solutions, in compliance with the most important national standards. This is a considerable advantage, not only economic, for the companies that rely on us.

Finally, we take care of the processing of wrapping, their recycling where possible and the proper disposal of compromised materials, in full respect of the environment and regulations in force. A decisive support with management of the logistics chain, we like to call ourselves a reliable company, a trusted partner.

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