The optimisation of resources and the control of all stages of product handling cannot be achieved without adequate information systems. We believe it is essential to use modern technologies, innovative aids to solve and overcome the complex issue of warehouse and transport management. This is a strong point for our company, which has been using a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) for a long time, through which every action related to the processing of goods is coordinated.

The WMS has many benefits for the management of our warehouse and has just as many technical features, starting with the extensive use of radio frequencies (all goods storage areas have Wi-Fi coverage). This makes it possible to carry out real-time statistical analysis of the warehouse and distribution network service, even though the detection of individual and collective performance indicators, in order to be able to correct any errors or delays with targeted actions, thus maintaining the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Further technological specificities of the system are therefore the consistent use of text messages generated when events occur, the high availability of servers (useful to facilitate the exchange of data between customers and suppliers) and the planning of transports with optimisation of deliveries.

The skills and experience of our staff, who are guided in every action by the WMS, play an essential role in the search for highly portable customised solutions and in offering concrete answers to the sometimes complex needs of our customers. Competence and professionalism: our assets at the service of our customers.

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