Providing a highly customised service is our idea of “doing the logistics business”. Our pro-active participation in the entire cycle, not only the execution of the logistics service, and our willingness to talk to customers, to understand their real needs and agreeing with them on the most effective solutions, have enabled our company to establish itself as a valid partner for many companies in the food and durable goods sector, leading to loyalty and ongoing collaboration.

We take care of the “consignment” management of our customers’ products, organising their transport and delivery through a qualified network of carriers. Using a modern planning system, we optimise orders by commodity class, destination and delivery date. In addition, depending on the type of customer and the size of the order, we proceed to process it by qualifying it as a “single order” or “frequent” order, and putting it on specific lists if necessary.

The planning system is at the heart of the whole process; the choices made are the basis for the various picking arrangements in the warehouse. Operators receive all instructions: positioning, type of goods, quantity and destination, on their terminals. The preparation phase is then completed by a thorough check, which certifies that the quantity ordered and the quantity actually picked are exactly the same. At this point, the order is ready to be placed on the transport vehicle, the last operation before starting the journey to its destination.

Our company is oriented towards the constant search for maximum performance and total customer satisfaction: deliveries are checked at every step, thanks to radio frequency technology, which allows constant monitoring of the set-up phases, resolving any anomalies in real time. Security, planning and customisation at your service.

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